La Conciergerie Clermontaise is an association of personal assistance proposing to his(her) typical different customers of services; organize events, address of company …

Our business is to make you save time thus some money, to share our experience and know how to make.

La Conciergerie Clermontaise gives you a single contact person for more efficiency.

See you very soon.

SERVICE address of company or rent of office in the day

Provision of a mailbox (entrance fee) 30€

Professional address: 

establish your office in a location of 1st order with 1 minimal blow 30€ / month

Personalize your package 

In 50€ + freshly of forwarding mail current

- put at the disposal of a professional address

- removal and reception of recommended

- forwarding of mail


Service business manager.


An effective, serene, confidential solution, La Conciergerie Clermontaise provides you with a personal assistant to relieve your stress and allow you to dedicate yourselves to the main part. Our caretaker becomes the reference person, punctually, to hold a table, an appointment setting … to facilitate your personal demands.

Our services: dry cleaning-shoe repart shop-cleaning of car-expedition or retreat of last-minute parcel-present (flowers/champagne/jewels …) reservation (restaurant/hotel) - Grip of RDV

The pass privilege gives you access to 6 services in the choice for 180 €



Factual service

La Conciergerie Clermontaise implements its knowledge for the creation and the organization of your events. A "turnkey" service will allow you to dedicate totally your time to your guests.


- Exhibition and varnishing of Artists

- thematic Evening

- promotional Day

- Meal of company 


The special event management is a set of logistics and of planning of the tasks. Thanks to our collaborators' team (restorer, graphic designer, scenographer, media) you are assured by a perfect success of your event.

The objective is to establish together a precise specifications to get rid of the ballast from you of this important work, make we confidence





Dépot de double de clés a la conciergerie en cas de perte nous vous livrons celles-çi -  dépannage 06 38 19 39 36

Demande de service a la carte, courses, petits travaux, dépannages domestiques, petits transports, debarras.

SERVICE estimation of object or furniture of succession

This service allows you to have an independent estimation before any distribution or putting on sale.

On-the-spot estimation with MEETING.


SERVICE of heterogeneous search

This service allows you to have a precise request which causes a selection, a search in numerous domains: arrangement, search for object, looks for of particular competence…

Fixed mission.